Gato-Audio DIA 合併擴音機

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Roon Ready 合併擴音機 DIA系列合併擴音機支持Roon Ready,只需配合Roon Core經網絡就能簡易播放音樂,同時也支持藍牙無線播放,功率小的DIA-250S已經可以應付大部份的書架喇叭,如果用家本身有不錯的DAC,DIA提供RCA/XLR模擬輸入,另有一組模擬輸出可以給用家作bi-amp或有源喇叭使用。 NPM Integrated Amplifier, DAC & Network Player DIA-250S NPM (250W@ 8 Ω) DIA-400S NPM (400W@ 8 Ω) The reference in Class-D amplification with our all new Roon Ready streaming module built-in is an absolute killer among the one box solutions in the market today. Made in Denmark 2 years warranty